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Current Issues Under Study

Key Structures in Democracy

Fall 2016 Focus: Redistricting, the Constitutional Amendment Process, Money in Politics

(LWVUS "Key Structures of Democracy" Adopted as National Program for 2014-2016)

At League National Convention in June 2014, delegates chose redistricting, amending the constitution, and money in politics - "Key Structures of Democracy" - as the issues for focus, study, and in the case of the latter two, consensus, for the 2014-2016 biennium.


Redistricting in the States is not a study, but a task force gathering data on how legislative districts are determined across the US and on the redistricting positions held by Leagues around the country. A complete report on their findings is forthcoming. In the meantime, related materials can be found at

The LWV-MC hosted a public meeting, "Redistricting: Updates and Current Legislation" on Saturday, October 24 with Unit discussion meetings on Wednesday, October 28.

Constitutional Amendment Study

Constitutional Amendment Study focuses on the process of amending the Constitution. For study materials and consensus questions, go to Constitutional Amendment Study Guide.

The LWV-MC held two discussion meetings for members in October for the purpose of reaching consensus on the questions and submitted results to the LWV-US.

Money In Politics

Money in Politics Review and Update involves a member study and consensus to update the League's position on campaign finance in order to obtain member understanding and agreement on the extent to which political campaigns are protected speech under the First Amendment. Leagues are being asked to consider:

1. the rights of individuals and organizations to express their political views through independent expenditures and the finance of election campaign activities; and
2. how those rights, if any, should be protected and reconciled with the interests set out in our current position on campaign financing.

Suggested reading materials and resources for the study are available on the LWV-US website by clicking on Money in Politics Review.

The Money in Politics consensus questions with links to background materials are at this link:

The LWV-MC will host a public meeting, "Money in Politics: Overview of Issues and Review of Wisconsin Legislation" on Saturday, November 14, from 9:30 am to 11:00 am at St. John's on the Lake.

Money in Politics RESOURCES:

Unit discussion meetings for the purpose of reaching consensus will take place on Wednesday, November 18. Results will be submitted to the LWV-US by February 1.