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The League of Women Voters of Milwaukee County is a nonpartisan political organization encouraging informed and active participation in government. It influences public policy through education and advocacy.

Tip of the Infrastructure Iceberg

Those potholes you hit as you travel are the "Tip of the Infrastructure Iceberg." For a glimpse at the whole "iceberg" a civil engineer and economist present on the overall D grade of US infrastructure and what is needed to address its poor condition.

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Tip of the Infrastructure Iceberg


American Society of Civil Engineers infrastructure report card and jobs impact of increased investments

Carl C. Sutter, P.E., C.C.S., Vice President, McMahon
Architects/Engineers and ASCE Region 3 Governor

What are ASCEs 16 categories of infrastructure? What grade did ASCE give each? What are estimated needs in each category? How might the construction industry be impacted by increased infrastructure expenditures?

Repair our infrastructure and jolt the economy

Dr. William L. Holahan, Emeritus Professor, Economics,
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

What is the cause of our weak economic recovery? What are arguments that might persuade Congress to increase spending for infrastructure improvement projects?

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