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League Wins Award of Excellence for Community Organizing

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On December 4th, The League of Women Voters of Milwaukee County received the Award of Excellence for Community Organizing from the Nonprofit Center of Milwaukee.

The High School Voter Registration Project was honored.

With elections just behind us, the Nonprofit Center of Milwaukee is pleased to recognize the League for their commitment to the democratic process and making youth voter registration in the Milwaukee Public School System high schools a priority.

With the support of the social studies specialists in 15 of the 38 Milwaukee Public Schools high schools, the Milwaukee Election Commission, and the League of Young Voters, along with help from volunteers from the League of United Latin American Citizens, the NAACP, the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, and others, the League of Women Voters of Milwaukee County project provided 2305 students with voter information and completed voter registration packets with 501 students. Approximately 3000 students 18 years old and older were enrolled in all MPS high schools for the 2013-2014 school year. Therefore about 1 in 6 was registered by this community organizing effort.