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Structure & Challenges Of Milwaukee County Government

The Know Your County Committee began work in spring 2013, but has suspended its study until recent changes to county government are implemented.

In fall 2014, the Wisconsin State Legislature under ACT 14 made major changes to Milwaukee County Government concerning county board and county executive authority and supervisor terms of office. In addition, the Legislature mandated a spring 2014 referendum which resulted in the reduction of supervisor pay, essentially defining the office of supervisor as part-time. The changes in supervisor terms of office and salaries will not go into effect until spring 2016.

As part of the committee's efforts to understand the history of the county, Sarajane Kennedy interviewed former Milwaukee County Executive, Tom Ament in 2013.

The committee organized a November 2013 General Meeting and invited Rob Henken, Director of Milwaukee's Public Policy Forum, which had completed a 2010 study Should It Stay or Should It Go? of the unique structure and challenges facing Milwaukee County, to share the results of that study.

For more information on the unique structure and challenges facing Milwaukee County, view Mr. Henken's PowerPoint presentation and watch a video of his presentation Milwaukee County Government: History & Challenges.

Milwaukee County Governmental Units Electrical Energy Use Survey

The League of Women Voters of Milwaukee County has completed a study of electrical energy use in Milwaukee County and its 19 municipalities. The focus was to understand how the League could facilitate shared goals: reducing municipal electrical energy consumption and saving taxpayer dollars. The study was limited to electrical energy consumption.

In November 2013, the League presented its findings to the Intergovernmental Cooperation Council. The League has urged the ICC to initiate the process by inviting each municipality to designate a point person to a new collaborative endeavor to reduce municipal energy use. Click here for the full survey.

Redistricting: A Call for Reform

On October 12, 2013, the League of Women Voters of Milwaukee County hosted a general meeting entitled Redistricting: A Call for Reform. LWVMC members Hannah Dugan and Dorothy K. Dean reviewed the redistricting process and discussed its statewide and local impacts.

County Board Chairwoman Marina Dimitrijevic and Milwaukee City Clerk Jim Owczarski joined the panel discussion. View a video of the event Effects of Redistricting on the City of Milwaukee and Milwaukee County.